Hi there, whenever you sign up or register on a new website you need to agree to their terms and conditions to proceed with the registration. Those terms and conditions include Privacy Policy. But, what is Privacy Policy?

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Privacy Policy Explained

A Privacy Policy is an agreement that tells the users, what information they are going to collect and how they are going to use it. For example, Facebook uses your personal data and interests to customize your feed, and to recommend pages and friends.

Privacy Policy Facebook

So when you are signing up for Facebook, you are agreeing to Facebook’s privacy policy terms of sharing your information with Facebook. A good privacy policy contains 3 parts.

1. Type of Information They Collect

Website should disclose what type of information they collect. Your personal information like name, mail id, age, mobile number etc. and your interests.

2. How They Collect Information

Website should tell the users how they are going to collect the data. Are they going to pull the details from your personal profile or use forms, surveys to collect data?

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3. Purpose of Data Collection

Any website should also reveal what they are going to do with the information collected. Are they going to use it to improve their own service or to serve ads or to send newsletters or for analysis.

If you are a website owner or own a blog, you must have a privacy policy disclosing the information you collect and how you will use it. Checkout Tech Upbeat’s privacy policy so that you will get an idea on how to draft a good privacy policy.

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