Hi there, these days you might be hearing a phrase, Internet of Things or IoT. What is Internet of Things or IoT? If you break down Internet of Things, it will be internet and things. Which literally means things that are connected to internet.

What is Internet of Things -IoT?

We humans have 5 senses which gather information of various stimuli and sends to brain for interpretation. Brain analyses the data and send signals to rest of the body to respond accordingly.

Similarly, things with sensors collect information and sends to data centre or to cloud server for various purposes, which is called Internet of Things or IoT. I would like to explain IoT with few examples.

Go to bed with a smartband to your wrist. It knows your sleeping patterns. So it knows when is the best time to wake you up. So at the right time it makes gentle vibrations to wake you up. When you woke up, it communicates to the coffee maker, thermostat and geyser.

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IoT Internet of Things

Coffee maker makes you coffee, thermostat adjusts the room temperature and geyser prepares hot water for you to take bath. Here all the things have different sensors but they communicate to each other via internet and thus forms Internet of Things.

In other example assume your car has many sensors which gather diagnostic information time to time. Whenever there is a problem with car, it will send diagnostic information to the manufacturer.

Internet of Things

They will check your service coverage, if you are still under cover they will place an order of necessary spare part. By the time you arrive at the service centre, they will have the spare and do the replacement instantly. Similar to this, manufacturer gathers information from millions of other cars which they use to improve their own service.

Sensors of similar type forms a cluster. This cluster communicates to other clusters of different sensors forming a system of systems or cluster of clusters. Thus Internet of Things is a huge network of different sensors collecting data.

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Internet of Things or IoT is already happening since 2008, when the smartphones started connecting to internet. Now we have 10 billion devices connected to internet doing the smart work for us. This may reach upto 50 billion devices by 2020. IoT will become 100 trillion dollars industry in the coming future.

The best part about Internet of Things is, it’s invisible and inseparable from our life. Imagine, if all the things connect to internet and communicate to each other, this will change the way how the world operates and improves human life in a better way.

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