Right from the first feature phone to today’s slim smartphones, technology has evolved in many ways. Artificial Intelligence is growing rapidly. Computers, cars and even homes have become smart.

Also our world is slowly stepping towards green energies. Thus electric cars and e-transport, solar roofs have become hot tech. In short technology has become part of everyone’s life.

Why Tech Upbeat?

Since from my childhood I’m very much passionate about technology. From my 1st assembled PC (bought in 2007) to the present Macbook Air I’m driven by technology.

Also from newspaper to the present e-paper our world is going through digital transformation. So I thought of launching a technology blog to share tech updates to tech enthusiasts like you.

On Tech Upbeat we cover mobile reviews, apps, PC updates, gaming news and internet tips for everyone. We make sure our articles are precise yet justifies the topic. So kindly follow Tech Upbeat on Facebook for some tech juice 🙂